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The mask's secret appears to be its simplicity. The powder is made of 100% natural calcium bentonite clay, which is known for its healing and detoxifying properties. According to the popular online health specialist Dr. Axe, the clay creates an electrical charge when it comes into contact with liquid. This charge is then able to bind any toxins.

Leave until the bentonite clay mask hardens before rinsing off with warm water. Use 1-2 times a week and always apply a good moisturizer after using the clay mask. How to Make a Bentonite Clay Mask for Glowing Skin. If you want to tone your skin and improve its appearance, you can make your own bentonite clay mask using lemon juice and honey.
In the bowl, add 1 part bentonite clay with 1 part apple cider vinegar and 1 part water. Note: You can also skip the water all together and mix 1 part bentonite clay with 2 parts ACV. Feel free to experiment to see which one you like better! Mix until smooth. Awesome DIY Face Mask Using Bentonite Clay and ACV Store-bought masks and creams never worked for me. Whether they promise to “clean” your skin and get rid of acne, or moisturize and soften it – they always leave me disappointed and mad that I bothered spending the money in the first place. Think about bentonite clay like a magnet for product buildup. When you wash the clay out of your hair, you remove all impurities and buildup with it. Its anionic property also makes bentonite clay effective at drawing out toxins, heavy metals, chemicals, and impurities. Find out what else bentonite clay can do, and how to use it on your hair!

Bentonite Clay Mask for Natural Hair The Aztec Indian Healing Clay is known to give the face a deep, pulsating cleansing and it does. I have been using this product as a facial for a little while now and I really like how I am seeing an improvement in my oily, acne prone skin. I love Bentonite Clay.!! I first discovered this miraculous clay when I stopped relaxing my hair and I needed something to loosen my curls. During my youtube viewing, I ran across my first of many Bentonite Clay hair mask demos. For my Bentonite Clay Mask recipe, I selected the following ingredients based upon what they can do for my hair: Bentonite Clay. Incredibly powerful, possessing a negative charge anionic. This makes it an ideal clay for cleansing and detoxifying, as it has. Bentonite clay is like a spongewhen it’s wet, it expands. As it dries, it contracts. This means that as your mask dries, it will literally feel like your face is pulsating and being sucked off by the clay. In some ways, that is what’s happening–the clay draws out toxins, impurities, oils, and any other junk in your pores while it dries!

according to wikipedia bentonite clay has been medically prescribed as a bulk laxative so i would guess that caused the diarrhea. if you take 1 to 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar, diluted in water so it won’t burn your throat, it should stop your diarrhea. i have found this works really wellsometimes too well so maybe start with 1 T ACV unless it’s quite bad. The DIY Aztec Clay Mask That Works For Every Skin Type. by Stephanie Gerber · Medically Reviewed by: Dr. Jennifer Haley, M.D., FAAD 130 · Sep 28, 2017 · Post may contain affiliate links.

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